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# The Menart Company
The company, created in 1961 in Velaines (Belgium) by André MENART and his father, Adrien MENART had as main activity the selling and maintenance of agricultural equipment in the surrounding countryside.
In 2014, the company experience results from the contribution of the 4 generations who have succeeded.
The environment management has been a priority for the authorities, the industrial sector and for every people in charge of the daily waste disposal.
The MENART Company owns technology and experience for the implementation of efficient solution for the treatment of solid urban wastes and adapted to the modern environmental political objectives.
In average, 50 to 60% of the solid urban wastes can be salvaged and reintroduced in the economic cycle to produce enough resources, to cover the treatment site operating costs and to make profit.
MENART SPRL is an industrial company headquartered in Dour in Belgium.
For further information: www.menart.eu/en
# Fields of activity
Equipment for landscape equipment, roadsides and forests maintenance
Equipment for the biological treatment of the soils contaminated with hydrocarbons and for sludge treatment
Equipment for organic wastes treatment and recycling
# Advantages
MENART technology is based on simple, ecological and economical principles and offers various advantages comparing to other technologies dedicated to solid wastes treatment as burning and burying:
The land use is less intensive than traditional landfill site and requires less capital than burning for a comparable capacity.
Its principal product (organic compost) promotes local agriculture, reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and improves soils quality and agricultural productivity.
Comparing to the landfilling activity, the composting plant improves population sanitary conditions by avoiding greenhouse gas production, groundwater contamination, permits landscape preservation and preserve the landfill site lifetime giving carbon credits within the scope of Kyoto Protocol.
Finally, the agronomic method has been improved through the years and permits the production of high quality compost that meets the demanded standards within the European market.
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