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Discover our products in operating conditions thanks to ou new page “Videos”!
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FERTITEST enables to get your width and output adjustments for your PROLOG spreader fitted with 700 GB-X for granular fertilizer in 4 steps
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# Prolog in few dates
PROLOG is the leader in trailed spreaders and loading equipment in cooperatives and private trader.
PROLOG designs, produces and ensures the monitoring from its factory.
2018: ECONOV Computer controlled for fertilizer to work with GPS variable rate spreading and section control
2013-2014: CNX high range launching
2009 : Factory enlargement
2001: A Sulky-Burel subsidiary
1985: Starting of the apprologistic concept and launching of the Prolog Brand
1967: ENGRAIS SERVICE Company founded by Jean Bachoux
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Discover Prolog used and shop soiled machinery offers
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# Renting
Spreaders are equipped on demand with spreading systems which enable to spread granules, organics, humid bulk and powder
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